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In this article, we will talk about a miracle movie 'Wonder Woman' that has conquered the hearts of millions of fans.
In 1934 DC Comics firstly was founded as National Allied Publications. It is one of the most popular and widest publishers of comics. DC Comics produces products characterized by a great amount of widely known characters, such as 'Wonder woman', 'Superman', 'Batman', and others.
The abbreviation 'DC' came from the series of the publishing house 'Detective Comics' and now it is the official name of the company.

The movie 'Wonder Woman' is in the
Top-10 best films of 2017

Cinema world DC has finally released the film you did not want to complain about. The film is not worse than Marvel. Thematically, 'Wonder woman' repeats much of what Marvel had already told the world, but, oddly enough, makes it even better.

A young Amazon Diana grew up on Temiskira island in isolation from the outside world, preparing for her sole purpose - to protect her native island from Ares, the god of war. But once a plane crashes near the island with officer Steve Trevor, and Diana found out with horror that there is a bloody war going on in the world. The one that is known to us as the First World War.

The staging of the fights is very good, all fans of literate choreography and special effects have something to rejoice at.

On the whole, it's pretty dangerous to dive into the world of comic book universes - from there you will not want to leave, and you will always be looking forward to new TV shows about superheroes

'Goddess' of the film – Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot – the main character, is famous also for her roles in Justice League, Fast and Furious, Date Night and others.

The actress fits perfectly into the way that anyone can. Gal Gadot came out incredibly plastic, simultaneously gentle and aggressive. While the world of people is full of mud and blood, Diana and searcher Ares give a sublime antique pathos.

It is associated with an unexpected twist. In the end, it is intended to not deceive the viewer and the character itself.
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