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All girls addicted to fashion. Even those who aren't interested in trends. PinkMess has collected the best looks of this season. Be glossy this summer.
The summer is coming and, girl, do you know what that season trends`19 are? I bet you have already seen some astonishing elements displaying it on the streets: prints, colors, shapes, textures. However, if it's not so and moreover, here we`ve lined up the top trends from the season for you to make it work. But, first, you have to remember that fashion should not be followed because the look you create is a reflection of the individuality and comfort you choose.
  • Floral prints. Who knew that the floral print would be so active this season after not a longer period. Now it should be worn all-over with pattern mixing even not concerning for what goes with what. It represented in various kinds: abstraction, applications, ethnic floral.
  • This time almost the major part of fashion-lovers, do not hesitate to put on a loud leopard print in which coats, dresses, and other garments look like pure extravagance.
  • Tartan does not concede to the mentioned one earlier. It`s appeared on the streets of Paris, Milan, London and New York during shows. As a floral print, it has to be worn all over and painted in catchy colors.
  • Patchwork is one of fashion's latest punch line. It used to have appeared on the jumpsuits, dresses etc. To make a peculiar look, grant your patchwork piece to become the spotlight of your outfit by blending it with uncomplicated garments and accessories.
  • Unexpected teaming Bike Shorts with Blazers gave even more artistic freedom to those who are more than brave to wear it.
  • Boiler Suits. Utilitarian designs are now as fashionable as they are practical. To rock the look you need just to pick one of which would fit you the most.
  • Lavender Tones represent a royal chic, which you can team with every single garment. Even wearing the brutal boots with the lavender coat, you will be looking alluring.
  • Funny `80s are coming back - Puff Shoulders are officially acceptable for now. Oversized or slim silhouettes could be mixed with the puff shoulders on a dress or a blouse.
  • The iconic '90s accessory - Bucket Hats is back too. It would be looking perfectly with dresses, overalls whether it featuring a logo, patterned or simple.
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