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It is time to work on yourself! In this article, we will discuss how to get in shape with the fitness challenge for women! Only a few minutes a day - and you will be ready for the beach season!
Train, burn calories and lose weight - a sexy body is closer than you think! Nevertheless, your chance to get a slim body and to be in good shape is the "Fitness challenge for women". Do the exercises at home, and the result will not take long!

So, it offers you:
- fast and effective weight loss workouts;
- working only with its own weight, no equipment is needed;
- fitness training for all parts of the body;
- exercises for warming up and stretching;
- 100% FREE! No paid materials;
- Suitable for beginners and professionals.
The 30-Days Fitness Challenge is designed to develop all muscle groups of your body, and what's more, you train and practice every day. So, you'll have the opportunity to reshape your body and allow your muscles to evolve.

The question is: how does it work? Each day you have various mini-challenges. So, your body will have different exercises and your thews will be actively involved. Your main goal is to get stronger and healthier in a month but not get bored.

You should focus on a new goal every week. On the first day, you can do such workouts as feet-elevated glute bridge, step-up shuffle, split squat. The second and third days may be devoted to single-leg calf raising and jumping. Half-kneeling single-arm press (right, left) will be successful for total-body toning.
Here we have an example of a 30-days fitness challenge you really need to try.
These 30-days fitness challenges ideas will help you in achieving the perfect body. At first, give up all your bad habits, maybe you just bite your nails or are addicted to TV, social media, sweets, caffeine and negative thoughts. It is the best time to chase a bad habit out of your life. Get outside! Try to become a morning person.
A quick 15-minute stroll around in the morning time will give you an opportunity to be in a good mood all day. Make time for your own business and your favorite hobby. But don't forget to devote at least 30 minutes for your exercises.
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