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You have already taken the first steps, visited several trainings and got lost again. How to evaluate your own results? We're going to answer these questions and share a fitness plan for women with you.
Evaluate your plan and schedule ahead. Decide which muscle groups are the least developed and what is your subcutaneous fat. Ask for advice from a professional. The possibilities are endless: social networks, master classes and seminars – all of them will help you to choose fitness plans for women.
Women's Fitness Blog
The gym is one of the essential attributes of a successful member of modern society. And if earlier such a pastime attracted a limited number of people, now it has become a popular trend, and can't but rejoice, because physical activity is one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle. Training in the fitness room is a way to increase your strength and agility and become the owner of a dream figure.

Most of us search for the necessary information on the Internet. Women's fitness blogs such as "Tone it up" or "Nerd Fitness" can a lot of useful tips and rationally written programs for training in the gym, but a person must know her level. One of the greatest women's fitness blogs - Blogilates.
Cassey Ho – the creator is a fitness instructor with more than 10 years of experience. She motivates people not to develop. Her inspiring posts make this blog a place of motivation. Here you can always find workout videos, fitness challenges, nutrition guides, a calendar for consistency, and interesting posts designed to bust fitness myths and help you change bad habits, plus much more.
Fitness program for women
A standard fitness program for women who want to lose weight

On the first day, we train legs, breasts and the press.

• Squat with a bar

• Bumps with a bar

The next day, we train back, shoulders, and all the muscles of the waist.

• Dumbbell lifting sitting or standing

On the third and final day of the fitness program for women, we are a little involved in aerobics, and so more carefully we work legs and buttocks.

• Running trail (20-30 minutes)

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