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In this article, you will find out where, when and why you should watch the Apple presentation 2019. Learn more about the new iPhone on our Pinkness website.
This is really a big year for Apple! The company is focused on the annual global update of the smartphone to compete with one of the leaders of the mobile device market – Samsung.
According to the latest Apple events such phones as iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are among the best handsets you can buy. Without any doubt, we can say that they're the most powerful iPhones ever, thanks to the A12 Bionic chip, and they offer many other upgrades, including better cameras with features like Smart HDR. But anyway, there's always room for improvement.
So, as just a few months separate us from the new iPhone release, we can already guess what this device will be like. Various rumors have already begun to infiltrate the global network. We have collected them all in the framework of this article in order to have an idea about the future smartphone.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one responsive to change. So what changes are waiting for us?

iPhone XI release: new features and characteristic

Increasing competition in the mobile device market leads to a decrease in time to develop new gadgets. Apple presentation of the iPhone XI will be held in September 2019. But the exact date of the worldwide dissemination of iPhone XI is unknown.
Design and display:

To date, consumers appreciate not only the large screen diagonal but also the compact dimensions of the device case, therefore the area of the front surface of the device should be used as efficiently as possible.

It is possible, that the appearance of the case will not be too different from the iPhone X. In this case, the screen will become frame less, the Home button will be removed at the bottom.

The display of the iPhone 11 can be curved. There are rumours that Apple will release two variations of the new model with 5.28-inch and 6.46-inch displays.
Camera: an eye of three lenses

Numerous leaks have suggested that the iPhone 11 will have a giant, inelegant camera bump on its back. The case renders featured a giant hole that's allegedly designed to house the iPhone 11's new tri-camera.

The smartphone will use a non-standard "L" shaped battery and began to consume significantly less energy.

iPhone XI VR compatibility

Apple has been the owner of a patent for the production of virtual reality helmets from last year, for which subsequent iPhone models will be used.

The image quality will directly depend on the resolution of the display of the smartphone. Thanks to the new technology, users will be able to enjoy bright volumetric images.

The virtual reality helmet itself will resemble the Samsung Gear VR. The main differences will be in ease of use and more compact size of the device.

This review does not include rumors about numerous technologies since their practical implementation is still far from. As you know, Apple focuses on the experience of other manufacturers in order to provide its customers with only the best and proven technologies.
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