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The easiest way to track periods

While it's nice that tech companies are finally recognizing that women need to track more than their footsteps and calories burned, do you really need a periods cycle app to countdown the days before your periods starts?
Of course, if you suspect that something is related to your periods or PMS symptoms, you should always see a doctor, but if you are someone who just wants an easier way to track their cycle, try some of the following menstrual cycle tracker apps:

1. Clue

With this periods app, you can record your menstrual flow, menstrual products, sex, pain, mood, cervical fluid, and PMS symptoms.

2. Flo period and ovulation

Flo is password protected menstrual cycle tracker app, so bored friends, partners or family don't know anything about your cycle unless you want to. You can also sync your data with the Apple Health app and track sleep duration, water consumption, and physical activity. For those trying to get pregnant, you can track your basal temperature, test results, and see a tracker estimate of your most fertile days.

3. Eve Tracker Ap

Eve is a smart periods cycle app that predicts future periods and your chances of becoming pregnant. Discover the trends of your cycle by recording your moods and symptoms, and view your health data in attractive charts. With Eve, you can view past periods, predict future periods and ovulate, and re-visualize your cycle history with Eve's interactive ladder.

4. Period Diary

This program has over 30 PMS symptoms and 20 moods to keep track of and sync with your phone calendar so you can see all your period information in one place. And if you don't want others to know that you are one of the billions of people in the world who are menstruating, the program is password protected and the icon shows P.D. instead of the Period Diary.

5. Ovia Fertility Period tracker

This periods app uses your cycle estimate to give you a daily "birth rate", or how likely it is to be able to get pregnant that day (but please, do not use it as birth control).
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