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In this article, we will give you advice on how to save your money. Women are fond of spending money as well as to collect them. These mobile apps can help you.
Have you ever wondered how much money women actually spend on themselves? Accessories, clothing, care products, various procedures - all it costs an enormous amount of money. So, did you decide to know, how much you outlay on a month? Someone writes the charges in a notebook. Somebody uses the table of Excel.
Using "clever'' mobile apps to count your money is the easiest way to control expenses. Apps to save money from our TOP-5 list will help you quickly analyse all charges, pay accounts and keep track of your spending.

1. HOMEMONEY (IOS, Android and Microsoft)

This program will be suitable for business-women who plan all their budget. In addition, it is possible to know how much money was expended in vacation, habitation, and in other categories. It is possible to create your own floors of charges and profits. It is possible to add accounts on your credit. There is a function of recognition of SMS-reports from a bank. It is besides possible to make a chart which will rot in evidently, where you spent the money.


Do you want to take a vacation with your friend and sock away on a new refrigerator? Or, maybe, you plan to do a journey to Paris with your bеloved? Goodbudget synchronizes a few gadgets, creating a general budget, where you can see the motion of money and sum which you already succeeded to economize. A budgeting system has proven to help you save for big expenses and pay off debt.


It contains the complete package of financial calculators, the list of which can be edited depending on priority. All electronic calculations which are done by the program can be sent by mail. Financial Calculators is the group of calculators, which expect finances and investments, credits, pension, taking into account the indexes of exchange stocks and course of currencies. You simply need to enter all necessary information in the program, and it in detail, will rot in all your potential charges. Addition works without an Internet connection.


Favour of the personal trainer and subscription in a gymnasium cost expensive. Two simple apps – Fitness Buddy and Sworkit – will help you to pick up the most effective program of training and will show evidently, how to execute those or other exercises.

5.LEVEL MONEY (IOS, Android)

One more program for planning your budget is Level Money. Specifying the budget and bringing in charges, you will be able to trace, how much you outlay for a day, week or month. This software keeps the goals you set, allows you to live out a budget that reflects what you really need.

So as we can see, planning and controlling our expenses is easier than we could imagine. Use these 5 apps and forget about superfluous outgoings.
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