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Top 5 period trackers for iPhone

It's time to forget about the outdated methods of tracking periods! Modern period tracker apps not only predict your periods but also provide information about the fertile window and potential ovulation date.
In this article, we will answer the question 'How to track periods?', so read on to find out what the most popular period tracker apps for iOS can do for you!

1. Period Tracker Lite

Period Tracker Lite makes registering menstrual cycles quick and easy. Click the button at the beginning of each period, and this free periods tracker will record your data and use an average of 3 months to calculate the next period.
Make notes daily about your symptoms such as the course, cramps, bloating, back pain, headache, and tender breasts.

2. Cycles

The Cycle app is a simple periods and fertility tracker that needs no introduction. This app is designed so that you can invite your partner in the app to keep up with the cycle. The app uses science-based fertility tracking that estimates birth rates to an accuracy of 95 percent. Moreover, this is the free periods tracker.

3. My calendar

My Calendar makes the tracking cycle incredibly easy. The app has a neat interface that plays a major role in helping you keep track of many important things, including ovulation, fertility and periods, birth control and more.

4. Glow

How to track periods without this app? It is impossible! One notable feature of Glow is the ability to control up to 40 different health-related signals, ranging from periods to BBT (Basal Body Temperature). The app offers extremely helpful reproductive health tips to help you become more aware and understand how to deal with the problems each woman faces. You can capture all the necessary aspects, such as physical symptoms and daily moods, that can increase your chances of pregnancy.

5. Period Tracker Plus

You can trust the Periods Tracker Plus to get more reliable forecasts. In addition to keeping a close eye on the lunar cycle, you can keep track of several other things, such as sleep patterns, weight changes, exercise, intimacy, and more.
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