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Women's safety is a really important topic today because of the number of crimes against women, especially in the evening time. That's why this article will be devoted to the methods of overcoming this problem.

Personal Safety Apps

We currently have several apps for women safety such as "Raksha", "Security" women. But the most popular among them is Safetipin.


SafetiPin is a complete security application designed specifically to be safe. It includes a whole set of features such as GPS tracking, emergency phone numbers, directions to secure places, pins, and alarms. It supports a wide range of functions that will help you plan and react actively to situations affecting personal safety.

Download: http://www.safetipin.com/
2. Smart 24 x 7
This is the personal safety app is designed to keep women and seniors safer 24/7 and is served by different state police. The application sends panic notifications to emergency contacts when the user presses Panic Button emergency and get immediate help from the nearest police, hospitals, and fire station.

Download: https://www.smart24x7.com/
3. Shake2Safety
It is the easiest personal safety app to use in case of accident, harassment, robbery or any natural disasters. The user only needs to shake their smartphone or just press the power button four times to send the SOS text or call registered numbers.

Download: https://stateoftech.net/shake2safety/


Crime against women rises all over the world and because of violent, they require special attention and safety. Fortunately, in the market, there are a lot of women safety devices which are available for everyone.

4. The stun gun or a baton

These small devices will charge an attacker with an electric shock. The attacker became weak and lost balance and muscle control. So with the help of these devices, you will have an opportunity to escape. But you can do this only during 5-10 minutes. Moreover, they are easy for carrying because they have a belt loop.

5. The pepper, mace, tear-gas sprays

The most popular women's safety devices are different sprays, which make the attacker blind for a few minutes. They also cause sneezing, the uncontrollable flow of tears, coughing and severe burning sensation to the eyes, nose, and throat.
More than that there are stun rings that look elegant and offer safety. It contains pepper spray, and it protects you in times of attack and violence.
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