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This article will be dedicated to the release of a new
Marvel Comics movie – X men: Dark Phoenix.
Marvel Comics is an American comic book company, a division of Marvel Entertainment Corporation. Marvel is best known for such comic series as "Fantastic Four", "X Men", "Guards of the Galaxy", "Spiderman"," Captain America ", " Ironmen " " Deadpool " and others. Most of the characters live in one fictional universe, known as Earth-616.
The X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the final series of mutants franchises in the current format. In recent years, the series has experienced a rejuvenation of heroes and lost half of the acting compositions.

Dark Phoenix takes us back in 1992. Now the group of superheroes is involved in the most dangerous missions. Under the blow of unknown force has fallen Gina Gray. The incident did not kill the heroine, but, on the contrary, has increased her telepathic and telekinetic abilities hundreds of times.
The film X men: The Dark Phoenix has come out entirely as previous pictures - expensive and commonplace. With $200 million in budget and powerful promotions, it is not able to show anything new in terms of story and character relationships, nor intrigue during the story.

At the same time, the film can still boast of a cool cast and high-quality special effects. The action scenes and fights of the X-Men with aliens and other mutants are set at a high level, so that is fascinating to watch.
The Main Character - Sophie Turner
Gin Gray in this tape played by Sophie Turner, best known today for the role of Sansa Stark in the series "The Game of the Thrones."

Many people already (when viewing "Apocalypse") could independently evaluate, whether, with success, she replaced the beauty of Famke Janssen in this field, who due to her age cannot portray the young version of the participant of the first composition of "The Man X".

So, thanks to actors, action games, high-quality musical accompaniment, visual effects and good camera performance, the tape does not lose its charm for connoisseurs of the genre.
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